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Crisp beginnings

Theirs is a story begging to be told. If it were made into a movie, the opening shot would show a crowded bus stand in Palakkad where a man stood in the ebbing and flowing crowd. The camera would close up on a mountain of golden yellow nendrangai chips that the man would weigh, wrap up in a newspaper and sell to passers by. In real life, that man would be Swaminathan. He made chips at home and hawked them at the bus stand for a living. When his son C.S. Mani was old enough, he would do the same. Only, he decided to go a little further afield. He packed up the chips his dad made and travelled all the way to Coimbatore to sell them. When Mani got married to Bhagavathy they moved to Coimbatore in the 60s. Bhagavathy and Mani made tapioca and banana chips at home and Mani carried them street to street, mostly in and around Big Bazaar and Vysial streets.